Research Projects

NBHM invites applications for Research Project Grants from faculty members at Indian institutions to support their research project in the broad area of Mathematics. 

Who can apply

Faculty members at Indian institutions, with tenure valid for the duration of the project. 

What is covered under a grant

The grants are meant to cover expenses under the following heads for a period of maximum three years

  • Domestic academic visits (cost of travel) for the PI, or the students and post-docs supported under the grant;
  • Purchase of books, equipment, computer hardware/software (including computational time on cloud resources) necessary for the conduct of the research. 
  • Stipend for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, not already supported by the PI's own institution or from another agency; note that only a small number of requests under this head will be approved depending on the availability of funds.

Application process

Important Information

  • No hardcopy of the application is required.
  • Fresh Applications will be processed in two cycles with strict deadlines: A AUTUMN cycles and Spring cycle.
  • Submission deadline for the Autumn processing cycle: 30 June
  • Submission deadline for the Spring processing cycle: 31 December
  • Proposal received beyond deadline will be considered for the subsequent batch for review.
  • On Completion of research project funded by NBHM and submission of all documents the case file will be closed.Application for next project can only be submitted by the same PI after the closer of ongoing project.
  • Interest incurred on NBHM fund during the financial year is to be refunded every year to DAE in the form of DD.(details availables in Financial Support).

Release of grants and utilization

  • The modalities for the release of funds will be communicated along with the approval intimation;
  • The funds provided under the grants may be utilized by the PI subject to the Rules and Regulations for NBHM Research Project GrantsIn particular, please note the clauses in the document governing the appointment of PhD students and post-docs, and the yearly renewal of their support. 
  • JRF/SRF Fellowship will be concluded along with the date compilation of the project as per sacationed order.