Book Distribution

Under the complementary book distribution scheme, NBHM supplies selected books to Mathematics/Statistics departments of universities, institutes and postgraduate centres. Currently over 200 libraries catering to postgraduate institutions are enlisted under the scheme. Departments or Libraries desirous to benefit from the scheme may write to the coordinator of the scheme (see below) for details. On an average, NBHM distributes 5-10 books each year. The Mathematics/Statistics departments receiving these books are expected to comply with some simple conditions:

  • Returning the acknowledgement slip (immediately) that is sent along with the books.
  • Allotting accession numbers to the books received either in the departmental library or the central library of the institute as the case may be, and sending to NBHM the accession numbers in a reasonable course of time (about a month). This is very important and assures us that the books have reached the library.
  • Coordinator, NBHM Complimentary Book Distribution Scheme will send a consolidated list of books distributed in the previous calendar year. The list should be returned with the accession numbers filled in. This is in addition to the above condition and not a substitute.
  • Postgraduate teaching in mathematics (MA/MSc degree) must be ongoing at the college/university/institute as the case be.

Books sent under this scheme are meant for the institutional/departmental libraries and not for individual collections. If any mathematics department of any university/institute wants to be included in the mailing list of the Complimentary Book Distribution Scheme, they should write a letter to the Coordinator, NBHM Complimentary Book Distribution Scheme at the following address:

Prof. S A Katre
Coordinator, NBHM Book Distribution Scheme
C/o. Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana 
56/14, Erandavane, Damle Path
Off Law College Road 
Email: sakatre@gmail.com