Ph.D. Scholarships

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The selection of the scholars is based on academic records and the result of a Selection Test/Interview by a selection committee constituted by NBHM. Applications are invited through advertisements in leading national newspapers normally during the month of November every year. The scholar is expected to do research work under an approved guide in an institution/university of his/her choice. 

Information related to PhD Scholarship

  • At present the scholarship amount is Rs.37,000/- per month for the first two years and Rs.42,000/- per month for the next three years after a review/evaluation of the work by the committee formed by institute/guide/supervisor, at the end of two years.
  • The Ph.D. scholarship also carries a contingency grant of Rs.40,000/- per annum.
  • Students possessing Master's degree in mathematics, physics or statistics and wishing to take up research work in any branch of mathematics (including mathematical statistics and mathematical physics) leading to a Ph.D. degree are eligible to apply for the Ph.D. scholarships awarded by NBHM.
  • Applicant can avail only once NBHM fellowship for each scheme.

Rules & Regulations Governing the NBHM Ph. D. Scholarships

  • The scholarship is tenable during course work at the specified institutions and during the period when the scholar works for Ph.D. degree at any Indian university/research institution (other than DAE aided institutes) where the necessary facilities exist for undertaking research work in an approved subject chosen by the research scholar.
  • The scholarship is tenable for one year once the scholar starts on his/her work for the Ph.D. degree. It is extendable up to a total period of five years (not including the special training period of one year, if availed) for pursuing the Ph.D. degree. The extension for subsequent years beyond the first year is subject to satisfactory progress, to be assessed each year by University/Department/Institution concerned.
  • The research scholar is entitled to stipulated leave as per the rules of the institution to which he/she is attached. However long leave with stipend will not be allowed.
  • If the scholar is not provided hostel/subsidized accommodation by the institution, House Rent Allowance (HRA) will be paid as per Government norms.

The Contingency grant:Visit Financial Support page ( General Information Section)

The unutilized part of the contingency grant is not allowed to be carried forward to the next year


The host University/Research Institution should furnish the following information:

  • A certificate that the research scholar has joined the institution under the supervisor/guide (name) for undertaking research work in an approved subject chosen by him/her along with a copy of his/her Joining Report indicating the actual date of joining.
  • A certificate that all the necessary facilities for undertaking research work in an approved subject, as chosen by the research scholar will be provided by the institution.
  • If the university/institution has not provided subsidised/hostel accommodation and if the research scholar has made his/her arrangement for accommodation, then a certificate to that effect, is to be submitted for claiming HRA by the scholar.
  • The institution will receive the scholarship amount for one year from R&D-II (DAE), Mumbai and make monthly payment to the scholar in the prescribed manner. The institution should undertake to keep Subsidiary Accounts and furnish a Utilisation Certificate and Statement of Accounts along with the refund of unspent balance of the amount received by them from time to time. The refund should be by cheque or DD (For details visit Fund Support Page) within one Month.
  • In case the research scholar is called upon to assist the institution in its teaching programme, the workload should not exceed four hours of teaching per week at the postgraduate level or six hours of teaching per week at the undergraduate level.


  • The research scholar must be a full time researcher and submit himself/herself to the disciplinary regulations of the university/ institute where he/she works.
  • He/She must be regular in attending to the departmental duties assigned to him. (The department must ensure regular attendance of the scholar by keeping an attendance register. The research scholar must send a detailed consolidated report of the research work done during the entire period of fellowship along with the list of publications/patents (if any) coming out of the NBHM Grants, on completion of the tenure/resignation of the scholarship through the guide to DAE. During the tenure of the scholarship, the scholar shall correspond with DAE or NBHM only through the guide/head of the institution.
  • The research scholar shall keep DAE informed about his/her getting any higher degree/acceptance/ publication of any research paper arising out of the research work done during the tenure of the Fellowship. He/She must acknowledge the support of NBHM- DAE (Government of India) in the publications and PhD Thesis.
  • In case the scholar is required to undergo Pre-Ph.D. training like M.Phil before registering for Ph.D. degree, the scholarship may become operative from the date of enrolment for the pre-Ph.D. programme. However, the scholarship for the second year will be given only if the scholar has got himself /herself registered for Ph.D. degree.

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